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Book One, Update Three

Thursday, April 22nd, 2010

Post ImageI didn't realize how long it's been since I gave a book update. That was early January, just after I hit a wall near the end of the first draft. Shortly after that, I abandoned that draft. It was not only good, it was good enough (which is a code word we writers use for "total crap"). As I mentioned then (and I'll really try not to rehash this point too much) the story was just plain boring. It contained more plod than plot and had an ending so infinitesimally pointless that I decided I needed a reboot.

And so there I was: back on the synopsis. I needed to tear it apart, figure out what was wrong, and put it all back together properly. This was a very painful and drawn out exercise---but very necessary. Writing with your heart (first draft) is easy. Writing with your head (second draft) is hard. This is what really separates the writers from the tire kickers.


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