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Annual Public Service Announcement

Friday, January 20th, 2017

It's time for my annual notice that I'm not blogging here no more. Yep, one year ago, I retired Elsewhither the Blog and set up shop at my new place:

I decided that maintaining multiple blogs with divided readership probably wasn't the best idea for someone without any significant reader base. I could probably pull it off if I were J.K. Rowling or Katy Perry. But alas, I am neither.

The new blog -- and the new brand, really -- is simply me. Whereas here I used to post about my writing, on the new site you'll find posts about my writing. But not all the time.

I've posted nearly every Friday since the switch on January 22, 2016. To see what you may have missed out on, visit: The Recent Posts Page.

So if you still like what I do, come on over. Follow my feed or sign up by mail. And I promise at some point in the next couple years it'll all be worth it (or double your money back!)

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That’s All Folks!

Friday, January 22nd, 2016

Nearly a year ago I kicked off Version 2.0 of this blog with a new look, a new purpose, and a new direction. I then promptly stopped posting. I had a very, very busy year in 2015. Most of it concerned the day job, so there's no point in talking about it here. The rest of it concerned a house move (which is still in progress, and still sucking up time).

About a month ago I was thinking that 2016 might be the year to really turn this thing around again. But then a funny thing happened on the way to the revival. I decided it was probably best to just shut down this blog completely.

But fear not, my two or three readers. I'm not going to quit blogging. I'm only going to quit blogging here.

Click the funny picture to continue following me. You won't regret it. avatar

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Elsewhither 2.0

Monday, February 9th, 2015

After working on my other blog for a while, I naturally began to write a number of off-topic posts. Most of them had to do with writing and that's when I realized they really belonged elsewhere. Hence, Elsewhither was formed.

Until now I've used this blog exclusively for writing. But the thing is, writing isn't my only interest. For example, I also enjoy collecting drier lint.

Fortunately for you, I won't ever talk about drier lint here (again). However, I would like a place to talk about my other creative endeavors: primarily music and art. And because I'm almost always working on at least one of these things at any given time, that means I'll likely post more often. And in a world of one hundred and fifty eight million blogs, that's good news.

I also freshened up the look a bit. The old background was way too orange so I'm happy to get that changed. That along with a few other minor changes, and I think we're in business.

Stay tuned...

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