December 1st, 2015

It's been two months since my last post. I talked about how the fall season really makes me want to hunker down and write more than any other, then bemoaned the fact that I have absolutely no time to do so this season. I didn't sneak in that "15 minutes a day" like I'd hoped. But I also didn't do nothing.

I started a new book earlier this year (between my February and October posts) and never wrote about it here. It's not a novel, which means it has a much, much better chance of getting finished. My track record for fiction is: 0 for 6. My track record for non-fiction is 3 for 3, and this should make it 4 for 4.

I made really good progress in March and April and then dropped it because: well, life. But before November (and NaNo) completely ran out on me, I decided to dust it off and at last put in that fifteen minutes a day.

What I found was a book that was far more complete than I remember. It was always going to be a short one, but I still thought I had further to go to wrap it up. I filled out one or two empty placeholder sections then realized that Draft Zero was happily complete and I could start on the first revision.

The time I have to work on it hasn't increased at all, but I'm still going to shoot for fifteen minutes a day. My best guess at this point: I finish up the move, get settled into the new house, and then publish this thing exactly one year after I had originally hoped to: September 2016.

I know, that feels like forever away.

It's not.

Believe me. It's not.

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One Response to “New Book Progress”

  1. Biz says:

    I can't wait to read it! 😀 Love you Charlie