November 1st, 2010

As PBWQ enters its third month, NNWM begins. My plan had been:

Sep: Planning
Oct: First Draft
Nov: Second Draft

But I'm only 28,300 words into the first draft: maybe one third of the way through, so now I'm about right where I was a year ago at this time. Therefore, my NaNoing this year will mirror last year's. In short: I'm not beginning and ending a 50,000 word novel in 30 days. I'm hoping to add perhaps 60,000 words to an existing manuscript in 30 days.

I "won" last year, but didn't mark myself a winner, since I neither started nor finished the book in thirty days. "Don't forget to claim your winner status," the WriMos said in response to my surpassing 50k words at the three week mark. But I hadn't won for the aforementioned reasons, and this year looks like a repeat.

At least, here's hopin'...

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2 Responses to “PBWQ->NNWM”

  1. Tami says:

    As long as it encourages people to pursue their dreams of becoming writers, I consider NaNoWriMo participation a win, rules and wordcount notwithstanding.

    Good luck with this year's November goals, sir!