January 11th, 2015

Once upon a time there was a boy who wanted to write a book. Unfortunately, there were a few obstacles in his way. First of all, he had a mortgage, and that meant confronting the baddest antagonist of all: the dreaded Day Job. Secondly, he had lots of other interests besides writing books, and those things always cut into precious writing time. Thirdly (and most importantly) he didn't know how to write a book.

But like any good hero, he let none of these obstructions stop him. In fact, not only was he bound and determined to write a compelling work of fiction, he even decided to tell the townspeople about it.

"Townspeople!" he posted on his blog one day. "I shall write a book!"

"Hooray!" cried the townspeople. "We shall read it!"

"Awesome," the boy replied. "You will like this book. It will be about a hero and his or her adventures."

"When will it be ready?" the townspeople asked.

"Soon! You will see!"

Years passed and eventually the townspeople gave up waiting for the boy's book. The boy decided he needed some inspiration. "I know!" the boy thought to himself. "If I tell people I'm writing a book, then I'll have to write one!"

"Townspeople!" he posted on his blog that very night. "I shall write a book!"

"Hooray!" cried the townspeople. "We enjoy reading books. And when yours is finished we shall add it to our reading lists!"

"Awesome," the boy replied. "You will like this book. In it the hero faces a great hindrance and the forces of evil are after him or her. He or she will be hard-pressed to succeed!"

Years passed and once again, the townspeople gave up waiting for the boy's book. The boy wondered if anyone noticed. "Probably not. I must make another announcement."

"Townspeople!" he posted on his blog the next day. "I shall write a book!"

At this point the boy expected to hear a chorus of people shout, "Hooray!" Instead he heard a chorus of crickets rub their legs together.

"But the book will be good! In it the hero foils the bad guy's plot! Good triumphs over evil. And everyone (who has a talent for it) lives happily ever after."

Years passed. And still today the boy keeps trying to write that book.

Because that's what this particular boy does.

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3 Responses to “The Boy Who Cried Book”

  1. Julie says:

    I'll be here to read the book. Until that happens I'll be reading others but will wait with anticipation for yours to one day be published. I'm good at waiting and wondering. So when the day happens, I'll be first in line to get your book.
    Take care and have a blessed and awesome day!

  2. biz says:

    I hate the day job!!!! You will finish it this year - that's my prediction!

  3. […] One problem. I wasn’t sure what to work on this year. After spending a million hours on the house move and another million at the day job, I hadn’t exactly put much effort into any fiction. In short, all my stories-in-progress sat exactly where they always sit: dangling in various states of incompleteness. […]