October 4th, 2010

I'm three days into the fast and furious writing phase. I'm taking a slightly different approach this time too; which I can probably sum up as: "not getting too hung up on every last word." I've done that in the past and it always leads to what we call in the software development world as "premature optimization." In short, it means you're polishing something up before you even know if you'll even need it. I've wasted countless hours on words that will never see the light of day. It's paramount I get the story structure solid first. It's like working in clay: throw a lump on the wheel then begin to shape it gradually. Each pass gets closer and closer to your vision. In no case do you perfect the eyeball first and then figure out what shape the head is going to be.

Hope it helps!

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3 Responses to “Fast and Furious”

  1. Texas Deb says:

    Gotta love "premature optimization". Jargon rules.

    I read somewhere about writing that an author stops when the story is finished with them, rather than the other way around. Sounded about right.

  2. Charlie says:

    Ironically, "fast and furious" has somehow changed to "slow and stop." Right after I wrote this post, I had intended to get on with the Day 3 writing. Then life (er, bill paying) got in the way and the day ended before I was ready. Then the next day came and went.

    So! The four day total for October: two days on, two days off.

    Here's hoping the fury returns soon.