October 8th, 2010

Day thirty-eight of PBWQ. Made up for some lost time tonight and the manuscript sits at the delightful word-count of 11,101. I have a feeling this time around it's going to end up around 80,000 words, so it feels strange to be pushing the 15% complete mark. My main goal this time around is to make sure the story doesn't drag. So I should probably stop and read what I've written so far, but that takes time away from the actual writing.

I should be at 14,888 words today. The one big advantage PBWQ has over NNWM is (you guessed it): October is 31 day. That means only 1613 wpd instead of NaNo's blistering 1667 wpd pace.

Have a good weekend.

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3 Responses to “Nearly Back on Track”

  1. Tami says:

    Don't stop and read! Keep moving forward. Finish the first draft, then you can revise it. (which it sounds like you know, but sometimes it's nice to hear other people agree with you!)

  2. Texas Deb says:

    Cue music! "What a difference a day makes....twenty-four little hours....."

    I agree you are right to write and not read - that is what an initial draft is supposed to be - just the first run at your story. Go Charlie! (You familiar with John Scalzi the Whatever guy?)